Saint Paul Flag Update with Maps and Charts!

[Edina : the Hair District :: Saint Paul : the Flag District.]
So far, 2016 has been another banner year for the Saint Paul Flag. Here's an update on the flag distribution and the status of the so-called Flag District (i.e. the Hamline-Midway neighborhood) where Saint Paul Flags flags seem to really be catching on! My working theory on this is two-fold:

a) the Charles Avenue bicycle boulevard, the heart of the flag district, inspires civic pride

b) flags tend to cluster together because of the virtuous vexilological cycle (e.g. the more people fly flags > the more people see flags > the more people want flags > the more people fly flags > ...)

[Flag-by-bike deliveries across the land.]
For whatever reason, however, Ward 3 is on the move! You might think that it's because flag flying reflects certain demographic realities (white, upper-middle-class, land-owners, etc.) but if you actually travel around the city into different neighborhoods, you see American flags flying in all different kinds of neighborhoods, everywhere from Annapolis to Larpenteur and McKnight to

But city flags? That's a bird of another stripe. It takes a bit more effort to make sense of the Saint Paul Flag. But progress is slow and steady and the benign cancer that is the Saint Paul flag continues to spread throughout the Capital City, flapping in the breeze, spreading its three primary colors of good cheer, inspiring citizens to take slightly more ownership of their city than maybe they otherwise would have... or not. No big deal either way!

You can buy yours today at the Sidewalks Store! Act now, and bicycle delivery will take place in near-perfect conditions.

[Flags popping up like measles.]

[Growth rates skyrocketing in Wards 3 and 5!]

[Mmmmm. Pie.]

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David said...

I hope you have 2 flags counted in my Ward 1 apartment