BURP #8 (Winter Edition) Tomorrow at 5:00 at Northbound

[The sidewalk-friendly windows of Northbound.]
I am happy to announce a joint meeting of the Buffs of Urban and Regional Planning (BURP) / Urban MSP happy hour crew tomorrow at Northbound Smokehouse and Brewpub (on 38th by the LRT stop).

These are the days of the depths of darkness, when urbanists retreat to their hearths to celebrate the city with camaraderie and beer. On this night, we will make plans for the coming springtime and the flowering of urban form. The seeds of the city are sitting dormant all around us, waiting for a helping hand.  Come, raise your wrists. Make new friends and old friends and steel yourself for the helter skelter holidaze in the only way I know how.

BURP with me tomorrow afternoon!


Matt said...

Hope to see some people there tomorrow!


Alex said...

If we already have a joint BURP/UrbanMSP happy hour, why not a tripartite BURP/UrbanMSP/streets.mn happy hour? Would that require board action?

Matt said...

Look, I really have no authority with UrbanMSP or the Buffs of Urban and Regional Planning, yet somehow this still became official. So therefore it shall be a Streets.mn HH as well.