BURP Happy Hour Tomorrow at 5:00 @ Aster Café

Hello readers of your local sidewalk blog. Thanks for reading!

If you have nothing better to do, feel free to join me and some Streets.mn colleagues tomorrow for a Buffs of Urban and Regional Planning get together. We'll talk cities and streets and bad planning boondoggles and patios and the weather from the site of an 1855 brick factory along the Main Street of old St Anthony, gazing at the downtown skyline and enjoying a pint or two of the regions finest IPAs.

Aster Cafe!

Directions to BURP

Step 1: Get to the Aster Café tomorrow.
Step 2: Look for the nerds.
Step 3: Come say hello and chat for a bit.
Step 4: Leave whenever you like.

[Because it can have no legitimate purpose, one can only assume that this green stoplight at the end of an alley in the North Loop is telling you come to BURP!]

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