BikeSnobNYC Coming to Cauffman Union Tuesday

[I peed myself when I saw this sign.]
As a "blogger", it's important that every once in a while I pause to consider that my life is pretty pathetic. It consists of assumptions of self-importance based on what basically amounts to random search engine traffic accidentally being sent to this site from Eastern Europe. Approximately 12% of the non-random traffic to this site is just me clicking the referesh button.

I spent almost all of my day typing what should be private thoughts into a small text box, before deleting them. The rest of my time is spent wandering the streets of the Twin Cities searching almost in vain for tiny details of the landscape of which to take photographs that only about twelve people ever see. I spend three hours every day walking up and down Lake Street looking for dogs tied to parking meters. When I finally spot one, I get far too excited.

Basically, I wander the sidewalks in a creepy manner, not unlike a zombie paparazzi. People routinely cross the street just to avoid my ungainly visage.

But, that's the life of a sidewalk blogger I guess. And it's a lonely life, at least if you assign any value to actual face-to-face human interaction. Thankfully, I don't!

Instead, I surf the internet nine hours a day while almost completely ignoring the world around me. I'm lucky if I notice the rising and setting of the sun, let alone retain the slightest degree of empathy for others. And in my world of cyber-narcisissm, I have my own pantheon of importance, idols that I hold up to admire like statuettes. And there are few bloggers that I admire more than BikeSnobNYC, who will BE HERE IN MINNEAPOLIS on TUESDAY!!!  At 4:30! In CAUFFMAN!!!


I will be there like a 1965 Beatles Fan (except in the Twin Cities, where they didn't sell out).

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