Re-Introducing the University of Minnesota Sidewalk Motto Contest

I am still seeking entries for the University of Minnesota Sidewalk Motto Contest. Please consider entering, as your chances are very good of winning this fabulous gopher-in-a-car-running-over-a-bike trophy.

[The 2011 Goldy T. Gopher Vehicular Bike-Slaughter Award for Best Fake Motto Generation trophy pieta.]

Here's how it works!

[Blank] is Easy. [Blank] is Hard. 
[Something pithy.]

For example:

Your Mom is Easy. Biking at the U is Hard.
Why Goldy, Why?

[Goldy's official contest entry.]
I will be accepting alternate mottos for the next one week. The winner will actually receive the trophy on their doorstep.  Please email your ideas to blindeke [a] gmail.com or put them in the comments!


Ben "Daniel is my bachelor name" McDaniel said...

Driving is easy. Caring is hard. :)

Matty Lang said...

Being self-propelled is easy. Being unnecessarily motorized is hard.

Rebecca said...

Improving sustainable infrastructure is easy. Building a new college football stadium is hard. Get a clue, Goldy.

Dave said...

Creating a discombobulated transit network is easy. Creating a discombobulated safety campaign is hard.

Jenni K said...

Grammar is easy. Getting runned over is hard. Read, don't speed.*

*UMN respectfully asks you not to attempt to read this message while biking or driving as it may result in unsafe mobile behavior.