6 Year Blogaversary Post!

I just realized that today is my 6 Year Blog-A-Versary.

[Bikes leaving beautiful trails behind them.]
I started this blog back in 2005 out of sheer boredom, and each year it brings me more and more fulfillment, friends, and some sort of guide map for where I'm headed and where I've been. It's like a little trail of crumbs left behind on a really really long walk through the woods, little tasty bits of thoughts forming a trail through the weeds of life, trails that crisscross and repeat and form a fragile beautiful network, patterns that form once you step back a little bit and look at it.

It's worth pointing out that I'm never quite satisfied with the blog. I always want to have spent more time on it, particularly on descriptions of everyday life on the wonderful streetcorners of St Paul and Minneapolis. Each week tha tI don't get up some kidn of story on a local treasure or intrigue or political shenanigan, I find myself disappointed.

But oh well, that's the nature of blogging. With very very few exceptions, nobody pays you to do this. It's always part of time stolen from other more responsible callings. And you get what you can out of putting things up on the web, out of having a public conversation with like-minded folks. So far I've gotten a lot.

So thanks for reading this thing! I'm continually amazed that there's any sort of audience for what is surely one of the most pedestrian, blunt, and concrete topics under the sun.


Unknown said...

Congrats! I've enjoyed reading your blog for the past two years and hope you keep it up.

Alex said...

6 years! Way to go Bill! Can't wait for the Blogaversary party featuring Prince and Dreamland Faces at Bar Fly.

Andrew said...

Congratulations Bill, I have always enjoyed your outpost of Twin City Sidewalks; something I have noticed in the world of blogging is the migration to wordpress and the full embracement of Twitter or Micro-blogging.

Next, you should have a Youtube page :-D
Featuring Video of your sidewalks of the week ;-)

Cheers and here is to the next 6

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