BURP Happy Hour #3 Tuesday at 5 at Aster Café

It's time once again for another edition of BURP (Buffs of Urban and Regional Planning) to take place this Tuesday (tomorrow) at Aster Café.

There is a lot to discuss!
Politics! Cities!
Planning! History!

And where better to do it than in an old 1855 brick factory, that happens to be the oldest continually operating commercial building in Minneapolis, and also happens to serve $3 local taps and $5 delicious flatbread pizzas until 6pm?

[This BURP will be for you a turning point, a "fork" in the "road of life."]
Aster Café is located in St Anthony Main, right along the river on the East Bank of downtown Minneapolis.

Come tomorrow and BURP again!


Matt said...

Good to meet you yesterday!

Melanie said...

It is great that you guys have a moment to discuss everything that haens in town, it helps you be more organized with the tasks and resolve problems listening to what everybody has to say. Not many cities in the world do that, especially the big ones. That is why I was surprised to see that the capital of Argentina does it. Last year I travelled there for business, st furnished apartments in buenos aires and started to see that people were gathering to discuss the city problems. I thought it was great, that must be why the town works so good!

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