Twin Cities Shovelers #3

[Man working through the salty slush to the curb. North End, Saint Paul.]

[Hatless man just breaking through to the curb. Como/Front, Saint Paul.]

[Tag team dealing with the curb & sidewalk junction. Como/Front, Saint Paul.]

[Woman working on the sidewalk. St. Anthony Park, Saint Paul.]

[Person and be-sweatered dog clearing the steps. North End, Saint Paul.]

[Two men shoveling out a pickup truck. North End, Saint Paul.]

[Man and two kids unclogging the driveway. North End, Saint Paul.]

[Two men shoveling the roof for some reason. North End, Saint Paul.]

[Woman just putting the finishing sloppy touches on a driveway. North End, Saint Paul.]

[Woman clearing the way to the garage. North End, Saint Paul.]


Unknown said...

You shovel a roof to help prevent ice dams!

Bill Lindeke said...

what is a ice dam?

Unknown said...

It's where the snow on your roof melts on a warm day, drips down to the edge of the roof, then freezes again, forming a huge ice mass right on the edge of the roof. When it gets big enough, it creates a literal dam, so that any water that melts behind it doesn't drip off the roof, it gets dammed up behind the ice mass. Typical asphalt shingles do a lousy job of keeping standing water from infiltrating. The result is water inside the house, often dripping down inside the exterior walls of a home, and dripping out through windows, discoloring drywall, ruining insulation, etc. Bad stuff. Google it, dude.

If you shovel all the snow off the roof, there's nothing to melt or drip inside the home.

Unknown said...

I'm shoveling my roof as soon as I get home tonight, although not literally with a shovel.