Booklets Back in Print! - Staircases of St. Paul, Dives of the Midway, Overlooked Parks of St. Paul

Good news! 

I have *finally* got some of my long out-of-print booklets back available in my online store

What's more, both the Noteworthy Dives of the Midway booklet and the Public Staircases of St. Paul booklet are NEW and IMPROVED with updated information about things like the Midway Saloon, the Black Hart of St. Paul, and the (temporary) closure of the Walnut Street staircase.  

You can now purchase:

Noteworthy Dive Bars of the Midway

Featuring fun information about Tracks Bar (long gone), Hot Rods (for sale), the Trend Bar (in limbo), the Midway Saloon (formerly Big V's), and the Black Hart (formerly the Town House).

Overlooked Parks of St. Paul

Featuring fun information about Hampden, Desnoyer, Newell, Union, and Merriam Parks in the northwest quadrant of the city.

and Public Staircases of St. Paul

Featuring maps and fun information about 17 different public staircases (past and present) in all corners of the St. Paul topographical region.

Get them ASAP and I'll ship them your way. And there's plenty of other stuff in there too...

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