Northeast Flags Now Available at New Low Price!

[They look like this.]
Good news! I have some new Northeast Flags in stock.

If you missed the first round of Northeast flags, or my tell-all history of the provenance of this vexilologically-sound flappable banner, do check it out.

Here's an excerpt:
The parking lot park was finally built in 1973, ten years after the bank building. It was the culmination of Rasmussen’s life-long dream of combining parking for cars with spaces for young people to play, drunk people to sleep, and arm-wrestling people to arm-wrestle. 
Amazingly enough, the winning flag design was crafted by a ten-year-old Northeast kid named Tony Di Giovanni. 
Rasmussen celebrated the unveiling of the flag with a polka festival in the parking lot park, and throughout 1975 he went around gifting flags to various civic institutions like the Police Department and the Edison High marching band. 
Sadly, the Northeast Flag did not catch on, and today you rarely see it flying. One flies over the parking lot park, of course, and I have heard that there’s one on display at 56 Brewing on the northern edge of the neighborhood.

Anyway, these are lovely wall-mount-style flags with the blue-and-white stripes and the rad NE logo. Get yours today for a new low price of $14!

Buy one for yourself and/or your favorite Northeast Minneapolis resident or fan.

In closing, via Hymie's, here's the "Sven Ivan O'Myron Wisnewski Polka" by Arnie Fogel and the Cookhouse Players, the official song of the Northeast flag:

[Northeast flag = the symbol of premarital cohabitation.]

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