Proposed DFL Caucus Resolution on Local Control and Speed Limits

[Speed is safety.]
Here's a simple resolution about local control for speed limits. This is just one small piece of the larger picture when it comes to having more local control over urban design of our streets in Minnesota. But it's an important piece.

Just print this out and bring it to your local caucus. When it comes time to introduce resolutions, don't be shy. Simply stand up, state your name, and make the case that cities should be able to decide to set safe speeds in urban neighborhoods.

This kind of change has to come from MnDOT and the legislature. so politically speaking, DFL Caucuses are the way to go!

Please share widely.

Proposed resolution language:
WHEREAS: Lower car speeds are proven to improve safety for people of all ages walking and bicycling around their neighborhoods.

WHEREAS: Lower speed limits improve quality of life for urban neighborhoods, and help promote sustainable and active transportation.

WHEREAS: Cities currently cannot set speed limits on city streets without going through a inflexible, costly, and time-consuming state approval process.

BE IT RESOLVED: The DFL supports direct accountability to local government by allowing cities to set their own speed limits on city streets.

See also: more on speed limits, local control, and safety in Minnesota; State Aid Standards and the problems they pose for cities

[Signs like this in Bemidji are a sign that we're doing it wrong.]

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