George Romney shapes West Bank Minneapolis, circa 1971

[George Romney hanging w/ Tricky when he was HUD secretary.]
Rapson describes the scene at one contentious meeting between the developers and [Department of Housing and Urban Development] officials, including then-HUD secretary George Romney: “I remember Romney leaning over and saying rather quietly, ‘Mr. Rapson, forget it. You cannot put all of these buildings into one. They cannot be mixed.’” There were many such meetings. “On one or two occasions,” Rapson continues, “I slammed my hand down on the table and said, ‘This is the way it has to be,’” with respect to the mixture of apartments. In the end, the power of the federal government won out and the units were economically segregated by building.

[from from Miller, N. (2006) "Arrested Development." Architecture Minnesota. 32(1).]

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