New Post at Streets.mn: Food Trucks Good or Evil?

I just put the icing on my cupcake of a post over at Streets.mn about food trucks. Truth is, I've only ever eaten at food trucks in the Twin Cities twice, and one of those was at a wedding out in Hastings.

Highlights include this anti-U of MN moment:

Tens of thousands of hungry people are trapped there every day forced to subsist on re-heated Poppa Johns and subjected to the faux-kitcsh wall hangings at Potbelly. They subsist almost entirely on tasteless crap from a SYSCO warehouse. For any Twin Cities visitor, in order to discover anything really amazing, you must escape the the corporate core, flee downtown, and abandon campus.
Or, thanks to the magic of petroleum powered food trucks, you can have the neighborhoods come to you!

Food trucks: They're diesel-y delicious!

[All relevant Minneapolis trends exist in this one photograph.]

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