Got a question, comment, or topic idea for tomorrow's podcast?

As part of a new jumpstart of the TC Streets for People website, I'm going to try and start a semi-regular "podcast" feature where people get together and chat about Twin Cities' urban design happenings. Nate Hood from Thoughts on the Urban Environment, and Spencer Agnew from City of Lakes Urbanism and I are going to officially tape the first episode tomorrow at 5:00, and I'd really appreciate any feedback.

The list of topics so far:

1) the Vikings stadium
2) downtown casinos
3) cities and snow

Please send questions, comments, or any interesting topics you may have! Reply to this post, email me at blindeke@gmail.com, or on twitter at @BillLindeke and we'll include your idea in our conversation.

[An Obama gas tank.]


Mike Hicks said...

Hmm. The Stillwater Bridge keeps coming up. The Central Corridor is 1/3 done, so it might be good to get some observations about that. Nice Ride MN finished the season with 217,530 trips.

anon said...

Minneapolis Streetcars!?!

Used Cars Minneapolis said...

How about traffic and congestion in Minneapolis?