Signs of the Times #33

This is 106W
111 is Next Door

[Garage, Midtown Manhattan.]

Till Human Voices

[Door. Midtown Manhattan.]

William Francis
[Illegible Palimpsest]

[Stop sign. Cambridge, MA.]

"War is Peace"
Slavery is Freedom
Is Worthwhile"
Lies are Truth
-"New Urbanist" logic


1-Billion Dollar
for Blightrail!
Who is John Galt?

[Window. Midway, St Paul.]

Bike Rental

[Man. Midtown Manhattan.]

Car Hit

Bad Car, Bad!

[Door. Cedar-Riverside, Minneapolis.]

No Parking
Friday Morning

[Wall. Seward, Minneapolis.]

K9s Only
Rehydration Session

[Bucket. Ballard, Seattle.]

the polls say, most all of us care about is the economy.
this can be a big problem if we consider World Politics.
Don't even get me started about the idea of having to grow my food.
I'm just gonna rack up a few bills, then fly the coop any way! Who's with me?

[Fence. Fremont neighborhood, Seattle.]


There is a free, 2-hour
public parking available
in the lot across Fry St.
from Pawn America. (SW
Corner of University Ave.
and Fry St...)

The parking will be available
throughout Light Rail construction.
P.S. please don't forget to watch for
"No Parking" signs in other places!
They could be anywhere...

[Door. Midway, St Paul.]

1 comment:

Reid said...

Sadly, that level of helpfulness is pretty typical for street signs here in Cambridge.