A successful BURP!

I'm happy to report that the 1st ever BURP (Buffs of Urban and Regional Planning) had a successful outcome yesterday at the Nomad World Pub on Cedar Avenue. Drinks were consumed, planning issues were discussed, urban nostalgia was had by all.

Topics discussed included:
  • Documentary filmmaking
  • Tilt shift lenses
  • The lengths of everyone's commutes
  • The Metropolitan Building (in no little detail)
  • Urban exploration
  • Korea
  • Airports
  • Oil prices
  • Politics
  • The peripheral location of jobs
  • Montreal
  • The Central Corridor
  • And many many other things
There was even an infiltration and competition with an adjoining table of MURPs (Masters of Urban and Regional Planning) from the nearby Humphrey Institute, and we did that sharks v. jets snapping the fingers thing.

Thanks to Alex, Matty, Mike, Dudley, Stephen, and Tera for stopping by.

[Sunset over the freeways of Minneapolis.]


Mike Hicks said...

It was great to meet you guys!

Matty said...

It was a good time.