Twin City Sidewalks on the radio!

I was interviewed a few weeks ago for the Weekly Minnesota Notebook Newscast on Radio K.

Check it out if you wanna hear me gush about sidewalks and this blog. Many thanks to Ryan Wilson over at Radio K.


jhop said...

Awesome interview.

Props to 38th and Bloomington.

Nice to hear you on the airwaves talking about sidewalks.

27th/Lake Street- If you haven't done a entry about this spot, do so. Areas that are strong and parts that can be improved upon. Right up your alley...or should i say sidewalk. -Jeremy

Ashley said...

Bill Lindeke!, commentator extraordinaire, inspiring me about walking around my neighborhood more.... (Or maybe I should do a blog about public transportation / subway system in nyc? I love that!) What a great interview. I'm so impressed. And my new roommate Jill was listening and she totally agrees that it's fun and exciting to walk on sidewalks. The word is getting out! Discourse is forming. Yay!

Reid said...

Bill, you're such a nerd! Well done.