News Flash! #6

A friend of mine informed me of a fun fact the other day:

Projected Number of New Enclosed Shopping Malls Built in the United States Last Year: ZERO

(Warning: He may have made that fact up.)

Here's a website devoted to dead malls.

Does anyone remember the Seven -Hi Mall out Southwest of Minneapolis?

Recommend the city council adopt the ordinance on pages A1–A4 of the staff report, which amends the Seven-Hi Shopping Center master development plan to add a new vestibule, walk-in cooler/freezer, and a second drive-up window to the existing Wendy's Restaurant.

[h/t City of Minnetonka City Council Minutes]

An excellent ex-mall.


Part of the Carol Molnau / T-Paw 'no new tax' plan: Pay for your own damn streets. (But don't use a gas tax.)


I completely agree with Platt on terrible Twin Cities slogan. I'd prefer anything to "More to Life." I'd even prefer HRC's slogan ("Ready"), or Wisconsin's motto ("Forward").

At least they're to the point.

I think "Twin Cities: Twice as Good as One City" would be a good start, only we can't use the name "Twin Cities" any more.

Sucks to be me.


Transit ridership is up, and the LRT is looking good.

A little birdie told me that they've been trying to get an ridership exemption for some time for the Cost Effectiveness Index, something that only the Federal DOT can grant. Apparently lots of transit lines get exemptions for the federal CEI (for example, the Hiawatha LRT), and some MN congresspeople were in town the other day having a meeting to discuss whether or not it was possible.

Speaking of little birdies, both mayors were on last week's show of KFAI's Truth to Tell. They were talking about regionalism and Local Government Aid (LGA), both of which have been under attack under the Pawlenty administration.

(Quality program, that!)

I'll have more on the U of MN's LRT dilemma coming up this week, looking at the wonderful/terrible Washington Avenue Bridge.


One of these is an Onion article. Can you spot which one?

A) Pint Sized Parks Make Safer Streets and Cleaner Rivers
B) 3" by 4" Plot of Green Space Rejuvenates Neighborhood

They each come with photos, too!

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