Great New Resource for Lenders

I can't believe I scooped Par on letting all the TC citizens know about this great new website for lenders. The Predatory Lending Association has a host of tools to help you screw people out of their home equity, available on their new website. Check it out!

For example, here's the helpful map of all the closest payday loan spots, liquor stores, and pawn shops in my neighborhood. Go Rice Street!

Actually, I live in the one of the neighborhoods with a lot of foreclosures (though nobody really escapes this problem). The house next door is registered vacant with the city... I read somewhere that 10% of the homes in Cleveland are vacant, and they're probably incredibly concentrated in certain neighorhoods... With restrictive covenants, redlining, steering, blockbusting, and gated communitites, US real estate interests can be proud of continuing the fine tradition of pissing on the poor for over two hundred years.

In a related note, the fine City of Saint Cloud received three awards in just the past few weeks:

Two for being "liveable", and one for hate crimes! ... I guess that balances out. Go Saint Cloud!


Nate said...

Nice post. Also, I enjoy your topics covered here in general. Good to put a name with a face at the party on Saturday. Nate

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