** News Roundup **

In the PiPress: one Good story on sidewalk width in Cottage Grove, and one bad headline about the Saint Paul floodwall: Critic Calls Floodwall "Ugly."

And in the Strib, history of the Union Depot -- which will really help bring life to Downtown Saint Paul.

The Downtown Journal has a story on how to make historic preservation strides, and the Minneapolis Observer reports that the Minneapolis City Hall will soon have a green roof.

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Andrew said...

Saw the article about the Union Depot, could have had more pictures and a little more explanation on what lines may end there, still good to bring to people's attention.
As for the Minneapolis City Hall getting a Green Roof, this has got to be from Chicago having a Green Roof on their city hall as well, it will be good to see if Minneapolis can encourage more sustainable design by putting in a Green Roof.