** News Flash **

Over in Minneapolis: The Strib has a story on the new McGuire park next to the Guthrie ("How a parking lot becomes a park") -- the Downtown Journal has firsthand reporting on the "crime wave" -- while the City Pages castigates the media of boosting ratings by playing to fear of immigrants.

In Saint Paul: The City Council sends the Chamber of Commerce back to the drawing board with the Holman Field floodwall -- a move the bodes well for urban development in the Capitol City. Perhaps it has something to do with the new widely-reported mayoral rapprochement?

In politics, the GOP House passed a big bonding bill that funds Northstar and the Univeristy Avenue LRT -- even though Pothole Pawlenty is still devoting a lot less money to state infrastructure.

In development, there's all sorts of stuff happening: the uptown Borders is closing, and let's hope that Ford Plant is going to be something great when it finally closes.

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