Blank Walls of Saint Paul #1

Given current momentums, the blank walls will continue to spread, even in the most exemplary of cities. Such as Saint Paul, Minnesota. It is the blank-wall capital of the United States. You would not expect it to be. It is a most habitable, attractive, and friendly city; it has one of the most resourceful and effective mayors in the country; its Lowertown redevelopment is of an eminently human scale and has a fine street presence.

[Blank wall, 4th Street.]

 [Blank wall, 4th Street.]
 [Blank wall, 4th Street.]
[Blank wall, 5th Street.]

[Blank wall, 6th Street.]

[Blank wall, 7th Street.]

 [Blank Wall, Kellogg Boulevard.]

[Blank wall, Minnesota Street.]

[Blank wall, Minnesota Street.] 

 [Blank wall, Minnesota Street.]

[Blank wall, old 7th Street.]

[Blank wall, Saint Peter Street.] 

[Blank wall, 5th Street.]


obat herbal asam urat said...

incredible pict, nice post

Ander Pander said...

don't take away my projection walls!

obat pelangsing alami said...

its in snow :)

obat herbal ambeien said...

nice post

Unknown said...

This simpy downtown wall treatment is what DT Mpls gets blamed for. Saint Paul has many urban attributes but the downtown core is the hole in the donut. Maybe the city should rename those streets after references in T.S. Eliot's "Wasteland."