BURP #6 (Halloween Edition) This Tuesday at Clubhouse Jäger

[My halloween costume is a sidewalk closed sign.]
Greetings readers of this sidewalk blog (all six of you)!

If you've got nothing better to do this Tuesday than hanging around on the streetcorner violating the Minneapolis Lurking Ordinance, why not join me for a meeting of the Buffs of Urban and Regional Planning (BURP)? We'll chat about Halloween at the most appropriate place: Donnie Dirk's Zombie Den second most appropriate place: Clubhouse Jäger.

Who? You, me, others
What? BURP
When? This Tuesday, at 5:00 in the afternoon
Where? Donnie Dirk's Clubhouse Jäger, just north of Downtown
Why? Because it's there

If you haven't been, Donnie Dirk's Clubhouse Jäger is in one of the most interesting locations in all of Minneapolis. It's right along sort of near the river, smack dab in the kind of on the edge of the old light industrial section of North Minneapolis, just past downtown. It used to be that ALL of the Minneapolis riverfront resembled this section, filled with scrapyards, laced by railroads, and emitting surplus shoes.

Now, of course, the riverfront is a quiet, suburban community where you can walk your dog and almost never have to encounter another person. In fact, this bit of industrial landscape is all that's left, and is used mostly as a backdrop for riverfront patios. Come enjoy it, while preparing for the zombie apocalypse and discussing the future of Twin Cities urbanism.

Correction: Donnie Dirk's is closed on Tuesdays. Clubhouse Jäger is beautiful.

[What the neighborhood around Donnie Dirk's looked like c. 1938, before the freeway amputated it.]


Also, zombie den = timely politics...

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Alex said...

Sorry I forgot to check the website before suggesting Donnie Dirks. But, even more synergistic, Jaeger has sci-fi trivia Tuesday nights. And most synergistic of all, 241s till 10!