Talk Today -- Julian Marshall, 3:30 U of MN, West Bank

If you're around the University of Minnesota campus this afternoon, the Geography Department is hosting a good talk as part of its weekly coffee hour series. The speaker is Julian Marshall of the Department of Civil Engineering.

Here are the details: 

Urban Sustainability:
Design of Clean, Healthy Cities

Prof. Julian Marshall, Dept of Civil Engineering, UMN

The physical design of neighborhoods and cities can impact human health and the environment, including via pollution exposures, exercise levels, and daily travel patterns. This talk will explore the impact of urban design on air pollution emissions and exposures, physical activity, and public health. It will also discuss approaches for understanding and improving environmental justice. Results focus on quantitative analysis of national and international data, as well as case studies locations (Minneapolis; Los Angeles; Vancouver, Canada).

Time: 3:30 PM–4:30 PM, Friday, 10 February 2012.
Location: John S. Adams Community Room (Blegen 445), Department of Geography

Coffee and snacks starting at 3:15 PM. Sponsored by the UMN Geography Department.

If you decide to attend, say hello! I'll be the dorky looking person with black glasses and a grey cardigan.


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