The Incredible Disappearing Riverside Avenue Bike Lane!

My favorite recent bike-friendly move by Minneapolis was the decision last November to re-stripe Riverside Avenue. The calmed road down from 2 lanes + parking each way to 1 lane + a bike lane + parking each way.

[Wow! Riverside Avenue lost 100 lbs. with this Amazing Weight-Loss Formula!]

This was, I hoped, the first in a series of road diets that Minneapolis might initiate. Riverside Avenue on the West Bank is a great candidate for a road diet because of the large number of pedestrians, and the dense mix of residential and commercial buildings.

But, I'm not sure what kind of paint the city used for their re-striping, because there's no sign of it today. I know that winter can be hard on pavement, but how does brand new paint disappear from the roadway?

[Oh No! Riverside Avenue gained back all its weight in only 6 months!]

Now, just like before, cyclists have to contend with four lanes of weaving drivers speeding down the pothole-ridden stretch of Riverside Avenue.

Its dangerous, unpleasant, and this road really isn't big enough for 4 lanes of traffic anyway.

Yet another piece of half-assed bicycle infrastructure brought to you by Minneapolis Public Works?


kyle green said...

Dear Bill,
Good, but frustration, observation.
I have also been experienced the roller coaster of emotions as a result of the rapidly fading bike lanes of riverside.

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