stp: Super Target No Longer so Super?

Also, on the Saint Paul front, there were a whole slew of public hearings/debate about the current Target store site in Saint Paul about six months ago. They -- the city and Target Co. -- had reached an agreement, I thought, even though Target didn't really need any formal approval to go ahead with their plans.

According to the lastest news, though, that's not happening any more.

Neighborhood planning groups argue that a potential light-rail line warrants more transit-oriented development on the site, at the corner of Hamline and University avenues. Although Target has offered to sell a swath of its current parking lot for development, it was not enough to appease the council.

Minneapolis-based Target was uniformly praised as a company, but the council delayed a vote until May 17, asking Target to consider creating a higher-density plan, possibly with additional retail buildings.


This is another sign of new mayor Chris Coleman being serious about economic, and TOD, development along the two most important corridors in the city -- University Avenue and the Mississippi River. Good for him.

That said, the University United (a neighborhood advocacy group) suggestion for the site was a two-story Target building. That seems ridiculous without significant public subisidy, and that won't happen. Just ask ex-Mayor Sharon Sayles-Belton how that worked out across the river . . .


City Hall Scoop, the great StP city council blog, has this to say.

The best moment of the SuperTarget appeal hearing on Wednesday night came during the testimony of University United executive director Brian McMahon. He wasn’t a fan. “We could add a lot more retail to the existing parking lot Target has. A lot more jobs,” he told the City Council.


I'd bet the deal goes through with no changes.

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Andrew said...

Maybe they should have the SuperTarget, plus an Imax Theater on top of it, people love movies and movie theaters plus they have been building these megaplexes like crazy out in the burbs, why not build a Imax theater for the city folk too...just tossing the idea out.