mpls: Nicollet Mall 50-story Condo Still Coming

According to the TC Business Journal, one of the founders of the Nicollet, the big condo that's going to tower over (and evict) the Scientologists from Nicollet Mall, has had to sell his stake in the venture to finance the project. Here's the story (print only):

McDonnell, the 39-year old architect who sheparded The Nicollet throuh the city approval process, sold his 50-percent stake in the $200 million project Tuesday to the Twin Cities-based development partners he signed up last spring -- Len Pratt, John Ordway, and Dan Hunt.
[The tree partners] are negotiating with three national lenders about potential financing packages for the proposed condo tower. The lender might get an equity stake in the project.

The developers are hoping to break ground in the second quarter of next year, about six months later than originally planned.

This is just a reminder of what big money is at stake in the downtown building boom, and how there are big banks and big players behind all these lifestyle changes. (For the most part, that's a good thing. Let the big bucks fall where they may, and let's hope it's in the big city.)

It's also a reminder that Scientologists do not belong on Nicollet Mall, unless they're wearing sandwich boards or dressed like Krishnas or something. I know a girl who stopped in for a "free personality test" and they told her she needed to be more submissive...


Anonymous said...

I just came across this posting.

To clarify:
1) The Nicollet is not evicting the Scientologists. The Nicollet is in friendly negotiations with the church to work out how the church can remain on Nicollet and The Nicollet can still use space. Both parties are excited to work together and create something that will benefit the Mall and Minneapolis.

2) Of course Scientologists belong on Nicollet Mall. So do Christians, Atheists, Buddhists and any other religious, non-religious, or anti-religious Minneapolitans.

3) I can't imagine we would ever tell someone they need to be more submissive. How silly.

Rev. Brian Fesler
Church of Scientology of MN

Anonymous said...

Got you Brian!

*puts on mask*


Lol, body thetans...

Anonymous said...

Hey Banjoman.

1) So you're NOT moving into the Ideal Org?

2) Your people keep telling us it's illegal for us to be on The Mall.

3) Funny thing, how your claims of what the cult says and does are completely at odds with everyone else's experiences.

40) Sereneness of being.

Anonymous said...

Brian, Brian, Brian.
*shakes head*
Scientologists don't beling anywhere, besides at home with their families. Alas, most of them have disconnected from their families, pressured by the church to do so, severing their strongest support network in the real world. Stop trying to mak it sound like you know what you're talking about. Go play your banjo. It misses you.

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