*** Sidewalk Weekend! *** #40

Sidewalk Rating: Non-Mundane

Days like these are ones that seem normal, that seem innocent, that seem commonplace or mundane. But do not take these beautiful sidewalks for granted. In March or October, you would fall down on your knees and weep to receive a day like this. In June, you shrug your shoulders and stare at your shoelaces.

*** *** [A colorful angle for Minneapolis lights.]
*** *** [This story about the $20 fine for $10K of damage is like the lady who killed a few motorcyclists and got a minor ticket.]

*** *** [Biking has these small moments of beauty.]

*** ***
[And biking has these small moments of something different from beauty.]

*** ***

[I don't know how anyone could watch
this video of a NYC streetcorner and think that sidewalk cafes were the problem here.]

*** *** [I've been fascinated with this phone ever since I answered it once back in 2004.]

*** ***
[17,000 acres all in straight lines.]


Andrew said...

Bill, did u shoot any of these?
The view of DT Minneapolis along the riverfront is amazing and I love the Heavy Metal Tag - if only all Graffiti could be as impressive/artistic.

Anonymous said...

no they are all links i found

Jen said...

I need to venture farther than my backyard. I forget how beautiful these towns are.