2010 Best Alley Contest! -- Submit Your Alley Now!

I'm now accepting nominations for the 2010 Best Alley contest.

Do you have a favorite Twin Cities alley? Where is it? What is an alley anyway? What makes a good alley?

Send ideas and nominations to blindeke at gmail.com or leave them in the comments! Nominate an alley today!

[A great alley in Downtown Saint Paul.]

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Michael Hartford said...

I'll put in a plug for my alley, between 39th & 40th Ave South in Minneapolis. It's a pretty standard, non-descript residential alley, but in the summer it's the conduit for the neighborhood kids who run, bike, and scooter up and down it between houses on various kid errands. It's also where most neighborhood business is conducted: borrowing tools and yard equipment, swapping news and gossip, exchanging greetings. We have speed bumps (kept in a neighbor's garage in the winter, installed by an ad hoc team in the spring), which has made it unattractive for through traffic and somewhat safer for all those kids. In the winter, it's a strangely peaceful place; I'm especially pleased with this winter night picture I took of it, shortly after a snowfall.