Public Stairs of Saint Paul Walking Tour #2 (The West Side) on 6/24

Well, the first Public Stairs tour was a smashing success. So popular was the tour, in fact, that we could barely fit everyone on the staircases. People came and walked up and down and ventured forth through the Cathedral Hill, Crocus Hill and West 7th neighborhoods around old Pleasant Street (now unpleasant).

This will be a similar adventure, only in my own neighborhood, the very bluff-laden West Side. So bluff-ish is the West Side, in fact, that streets are currently closed to traffic because the bluffs are so volatile and literally collapsing. How exciting!

We will be walking a bunch of the public stairs on the West Side to see how many steps we can get in, and I can promise you a few long-lost staircases plus one super-secret staircase adventure that has me very excited.

Hope to see you then!

Who: Anyone willing to walk for three miles up and down
What: Group walk around the historic West Side to explore public staircases past and present
When: Sunday 6/24 at 2:30 pm
Where: Meet in the El Burrito Mercado parking lot area
Why: Because some of it is still there

[The old view from the green stairs.]

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