Dive Bars of the Southeast Borderland Walking Tour on 6/21

'm almost done with my epic cycle of Minneapolis and Saint Paul dive bar tours, but there are a few spots on the map that remain un-explored. This is one of them. 

[The border.]
Southeast Minneapolis is without doubt the most obscure of the four "quadrants" of the city. It has an odd and mercurial identity, part historic, part residential enclave, part active industrial area, and part massive and continually growing University. In some ways, the neighborhood's identity has always been driven by these contradictions and tensions, and the presence of the few bars of in area reflect this. They are odd places that (as you can see in the clippings below) have been sources of unease and/or community in the Como neighborhood for generations.

Then you throw into the mix the city border, and all the de-regulation and  nonsense that comes with that... Saint Paul lurks on the edge of the Southeast Minneapolis like a sunset at dusk, and there you will find some weird stuff.

We'll be walking around Southeast and the border together and visiting a few bars, as well as some other noteworthy spots in this overlooked part of the Twin Cities. Hope to see you then!

[What is this land of mystery?]

What: Walking tour of three (3) historic bars in Minneapolis and Saint Paul
When: This Thursday at 6:21pm
Why: Because it's there
Who: Anyone
Where: Meet at Sporty's Pub on SE Como Avenue

[Newspaper clippings about one of the buildings follow.]

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