Join me for Weird Nicollet Nighttime Walking Tours on June 15-16

[what's lurking under there????]
I'll be leading a quartet of walking tours for Northern Spark this year, the continually changing sort-of-all-night arts and urban exploration event that's been going on near the solstice for a few years.
My tours are called "Weird Nicollet," and will feature things like:

  • mummies
  • ancient Egyptian parking lots
  • rumors of ley lines
  • electric barstools
  • a thousand tap dancers
  • forgotten Orientalism
  • ceiling trains
  • and more

Friday and Saturday nights, at 10p and Midnight (!).

The tours are free. Meet at Nicollet and 5th Street.

Thanks to the Nicollet / Downtown Council folks for the opportunity to do this fun nighttime tour!

[possible ghosts]

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