Saint Paul Flags in Stock at New Low Price!

I am tinkering around with different suppliers and have found one that is making what I call a "wall flag." It's 2' x 3' and great for hanging on a wall. The colors on one side of the flag (the front side) is a bit more vibrant than the other (the back side), but you can hang it as well and it looks fine.

I've tweaked the colors a bit to try and make them "pop" a bit more, and match the fun coloring you see in this version (at right). I'm not sure if it's better or if it's not, but if you get a flag you can find out.

Best of all, they're on sale now for only $14!

Little, yellow, different, and fun. Get yours today and join the hundred or so people who like Saint Paul enough to fly an 80-year-old flag.

Get a flag or move to the 'burbs!
[Flags in the West End, near Mayor Carter, and over Can Can Wonderland.]

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