Cities on the Move: An Incomplete Timeline #2

It's been some years since we last checked in to see which cities are "on the move", and I'm willing to bet that many more cities have gotten "on the move" since 2013, joining the ranks of cities like Detroit, Michigan and Sheffield, England.

So let's "go to the tape" and see which cities are "on the move"...

2011 - Yellowknife, Northwest Territories is on the move.

As they say in Yellowknife, "we're a city that's always on the move."

2013 - Syracuse, New York is on the move.

Mayor Miner tells it like it is: "we're a 21st century city on the move."

2016 - Birmingham, Alabama is on the move.

As they say in Birmingham, "Look around and you'll see Birmingham is not standing still. The city is on the move."

2017 - Tampa, Florida is on the move.

As they say in Tampa, "Here in Tampa, we keep the good times going. We work hard, we play hard, and we never stop striving to be the best. We're a city on the move!"

Read much more about it in this promotional document.

2018 - Charlotte, North Carolina is on the move.

As they say in Charlotte, "Charlotte has experienced a population explosion, and we’ve grown right along with the community."

[Stay tuned for more cities on the move in the upcoming future!]

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