Reading the Highland Villager #200

[Basically the problem is that the best source of Saint Paul streets & sidewalks news is the Highland Villager, a very fine and historical newspaper. This wouldn't be a problem, except that its not available online. You basically have to live in or frequent Saint Paul to read it. Until this newspaper goes online, sidewalk information must be set free. See also: Three Reasons Why I Re-Blog the Highland Villager.]

Headline: Convention of Catholic Women; To Be Held at St. Luke’s School in St. Paul April 28 and 29
Author: Unknown

Short short version: There will be a convention for Catholic women at a church on Summit Avenue at the end of April. There will be lunch, a lecture,  and exhibition viewing. Then there will be dinner, with another speech. The next day there will be more speeches also.

Headline: 34th Avenue Car Line Converted to Bus Service
Author: Unknown

Short short version: The streetcar that ran on 34th Street will replaced by a bus, but will then connect to the Fort Snelling-Washington Avenue streetcar instead. Recently the streetcar went to the Wold-Chamberlain airport across the river, and the new service will also take over the old shuttle bus line between the airport and 54th Street [in Minneapolis, not in Saint Paul]. Article include detailed description of the new 34th Avenue bus route, which is elaborate [way too elaborate if you ask me, willingly waggling all over the place when it should just go in a straight line].

Headline: Look No Thumb!

Short short version: A group of people with disabilities are trying to lead normal lives. Volunteers are wanted to help with children’s training for people with disabilities. [That headline is a bit questionable.]

Headline: Bowlers Visit Lucky Lanes

Short short version: Lots of people who love bowling have gone to the bowling alley under “Cut Price Super Food Market” to go bowling. [Seems like a lame story IMO, just some promotion. There’s no “there there” as they say.” Like, what is the local angle? Who wins or loses in this piece? It’ just some people bowling.]

Headline: Hiking Club Issues Invitation

Short short version: The Saint Paul Hiking Club [see also this link] invites people who like walking or hiking to come to their meeting in Inver Grove on April 26th. People can walk any distance. [Seems like a great effort to get people to walk more, which will really be a good idea in sixty years or so…] There will be  meeting.If some people like dancing they can dance also at a different event.

Headline: Daughter for Trudells

Short short version: The Trudell family had a daughter on April 20th.

Headline: Highland Nights Prove Popular

Short short version: The new “civic association” is getting businesses to stay open later on Monday and Friday evenings.  [There goes the neighborhood.]

Headline: Parent Education

Short short version: The parents at Monroe school are hosing an “open discussion” of teen age problems. Topics include “work and school for a teen ager” and “teen agers and family car. [Back then, "teen ager" was two words.] Sample topic: “Should Bill be allowed to use Dad’s car? Should bill be allowed to buy his own car?” [Bill should ride a bike!]

Headline: Sally Keogh Engaged to Murray T. Stevens

Short short version: They’re getting hitched.

Headline: PTA Plans Boycott of Old School
Author: Unknown

Short short version: Parents are going to keep their kids from going to Maxfield Elementary if the Board of Education decides to go ahead with the rehab of the building. [This sounds familiar! Similar thing happened earlier this year with a school near Crocus Hill.] Neighbors are concerned about high costs, and want the building replaced instead  of repaired. Quote from neighbor: “repairing the building would be a waste of money.” [I think they should keep the old building, which is historic, instead of relying on some of this shoddy new construction.] Any strike would be done in an “orderly manner.”

Headline: Minstrels Sing
Author: Unknown

Short short version: A group of people from Macalester Park will sing songs at a retirement home in Savage. [I don’t think minstrels is the preferred nomenclature.]

Headline: American Ass’n League Stronger
Author: Unknown

Short short version: The Saint Paul Saints are looking good this year, and it is predicted they will compete well, though the offense might not necessarily as good as the Minneapolis or Kansas City teams. The pitching, on the other hand, is solid. They play Minneapolis on April 26th and 27th.

Headline: Local Troop to Celebrate; First Troop to Locate in Highland District Will Observe Silver Jubilee, May 9, 1953
Author: Unknown

Short short version: Scout Troop 38 is going to have a celebration. Article includes history of the scout troop. Best quote: when they set up in 1928, “the wilderness of the Highland district of that day was theirs for the asking.”

[All articles taken from the April 23,1953 edition of the Highland Villager. The words "traffic" and "parking" did NOT APPEAR in the paper even once. I read through three different 1953 editions, too. Not there either. Attached are some of the cool ads from the issue.]

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