Saint Paul Flag 2017 Update with Maps and Charts

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[Saint Paul Flag and gopher pirate flag.]
Well, friends, 2017 was the biggest year yet for the Saint Paul Flag, that long-lost occasionally-maligned hard-to-find symbol of civic pride, DIY derring-do, and reform-minded stolidity. Thanks to the magic of flapping, an occasional symbolically-charged debate, sporting events, the incessant buzz of word-of-mouth, and a little bit of elbow grease, word of the Saint Paul flag has been spreading to the three corners of our fair city. From far and wide, people have been acquiring and occasionally putting on public display the red-yellow-and-blue ("the ol' cabin and wheel") of the Saint Paul flag.

Thanks to everyone who bought one, flew or flapped one, or spread the word about the metro's finest two-dimensional civic icon.

Updating my report from last year, I have complied some basic data about flag distribution and trends.

As you can see, there have been some big developments when it comes to geographic distribution of Saint Paul Flags.

The executive summary:
  • Ward 4 is still #1!
  • Ward 3 is on the rise!
  • Ward 2 shows continuing flag growth!
  • Saint Paul Flags are more popular than ever!

Full data visualization follows below.

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