Noteworthy Dive Bars of the North End Guide Booklet Now Available!

Hot off the presses, I have a new Guide Booklet completed. It's a good one, too, featuring all the bars from my North End dive bar tour from the summer of 2016. The North End is my old neighborhood, and so this one is a lot closer to my heart than many of the other neighborhood's I've written about.

It features a short essay about the North End, and descriptions, anecdotes, pictures, and bullshit about at least five existing and vanished bars in the North End neighborhood.

Featured bars include: Schroeder's/Geraldine's (now gone), Hoover's, The Foundry, the Half Time Rec, and Ted's Rec up on Larpenteur Avenue.

There's even a bonus feature, a "Dive Bar Wine Guide" written by Dana DeMaster.

The cover art is a lovely painting of Ted's Rec by Rebecca Silus.

Get yours today in the online store!

[The 2016 tour inaction.]

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