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[An alley in the Mediterranean Alleyway district.]
Hello sidewalk fans.

I wanted to make a plug to support this blog via my Patreon page. I'm planning some summertime adventures. In addition to the regular psychogeographic bike rides and walking tours, free and open to the public, I am planning a few more exclusive trips. These will be limited in size, and will involve a small fee to cover costs.

For example, one of them involves exploring Saint Paul's new "Mediterranean Alleyway District" (as I have begun calling it in my mind). I'm working on planning right now, but we'd be walking around a mile or two exploring unique alleys and eating amazing hummus and/or baba ganoush along the way.

The other tour concept is something I'm calling the "Obscure Museums" series. Groups necessary limited in size will go on bike rides to explore and discover a few unique and/or overlooked "museums" (broadly defined) around Minneapolis and Saint Paul.

I've begun planning both of these first tours, and for logistical reasons, both will be limited in size. as always, Patreon subscribers will advance notice and a first crack at it.

Meanwhile, I have a few moire dive bar tours (walking and biking) in mind, along with a some less beer-oriented bike tours for the summer and fall.

Check out my Patreon page and consider signing up if you'd like to support this work.

Thanks! It means a lot to me.

[Tour theme spoiler!]

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