Notable Quotes #8: Paul Molitor on Twin Cities Bicycling

[Paul Molitor as a U of MN ballplayer in the early1970s.]

I think a lot of people have their special place. ... It's just a tremendous mix that make me feel like this is what I want to call home and what feels most like home to me.

I enjoy the outdoors a lot. I'm not really a fisher / hunter type guy. I don't run much any more, my knees don't let me to, but I love to walk. I love to bike.

You know we got great trails here man. It's one of things where I've got a road bike, I've got a speed bike. It's one of those things where depending on the day and what I feel motivated to do, I can hop... I can go out of my house and get to the pass over there.

I can go all the way over to the Cathedral in Saint Paul and take the pass down the river and go up Summit Avenue and take a different route. It's one of those things where if I have personal time, you know, you'll probably find me on my bike somewhere.

I love the lifestyle.

[Saint Paul native, Hall of Fame baseball player, and Twins manager Paul Molitor describing what he loves about the Twin Cities.]

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