Noteworthy Dive Bars of Frogtown Walking Tour on July 6th

[Link to map is here.]
How did Frogtown get its name?

That's a tale for another day, a myth yet to be inscribed into the annals of Saint Paul lore. But know this: Frogtown is the old heart of Saint Paul, the center of the center of the city within which many names are etched, many songs have been sung, and its history is a tale of constant escape. On July 6th, in the evening, we will walk the streets of this old neighborhood, circling the great green spire of Saint Agnes, that glows each night like a 90s Indiglo watch. These are streets where flocks of nuns still circle the block, lined with chain link fences, the valley into which those on the hills look down, the space between University and the train tracks, the everyman flatland.

And dive bars have long been nestled in Frogtown, sitting like the flowers that grow in the cracks in the sidewalk. And they are close together, so we will walk along them and I will share some gleaned stories of these old Frogtown places, stories of perseverance, defensiveness, community, eccentricity, and even murder most foul.

[Secret baseball museum!]

Come along and make the most of your Thursday evening!

What: Walking tour of three or four (3-4) bars in Saint Paul's Frogtown neighborhood
When: Leaving at 6:30 on Thursday, July 6th
Where: Willard's Liquors on Thomas Avenue
Why: Because it's there
Who: Free of charge (but tips appreciated). All are welcome!

[Frogtown streetscape.]

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Limitless Reader said...

So while it's true that the people make an event (and the people definitely made any event!) this space definitely adds a different dimension to it. Went to New York venues here for an evening event and I was really impressed.