December Panhandling Post

Hello. I have finally mailed all the postcards from my last fundraising/panhandling post. Basically, I am trying to raise a bit of funds for this blog by selling my handcrafted artisanal postcard collage pieces.

For any donation of $5 or more, you too can receive one of these fine, priceless, and unique arrangments of epistolary communication. Please consider purchasing one for yourself or someone you might love or hate (and know the address of). They make great Christmas gifts.

Who am I kidding? They make terrible Christmas gifts.

But regardless, you should click on the 'paypal donate' button and give $5 and receive one for yourself. I will contain a small narrative of something sidewalk related that you can treasure and keep for all time.

Thanks so far go out to:

Reuben in Minneapolis
Suzanne in Oakland
Steve in Arden Hills
Jinwen in Boston
Bradley in Minneapolis
Carl in Saint Paul

Here are the postcards that I have sent out.

Thanks so much. Wouldn't you like one? Who knows what it might say?

Please consider purchasing one for yourself. I really appreciate it!


1 comment:

Reuben Collins said...

What do you recommend we do with the postcard when we receive it? Should we frame it and hang it on the wall? Should we gift it to someone? Should we sell it on ebay for $5?