Sidewalk Dogs #4

[Dogs tied to a hydrant. Belmont Avenue, Portland OR.]

[Dog tied to sign. Hawthorne Avenue, Portland OR.]

[Dog outside Starbucks. Hillsdale, Portland OR.]

[Dog on bike rack. Northeast Portland OR.]

[Dog outside coffee shop. Seward, Minneapolis.]

[Dog attached to bike rack. West Calhoun, Minneapolis.]

[Dog attached to bench. Selby-Dale, Saint Paul.]

[Dog attached to bench. Selby-Dale, Saint Paul.]

[Dog attached to bike rack. Selby-Dale, Saint Paul.]

[Three fluffy dogs behind a fence. Marcy-Holmes, Minneapolis.]


Mulad said...

Wow, I'd forgotten about those Marcy-Holmes dogs. I lived for six months in a house just two or three doors east of there.

(Don't rent from Joe/Joseph Welp. We got kicked out because the place was not zoned for multi-unit housing. An arson fire marked the end of the house a few months later, and it's since been replaced).

xl pharmacy said...

I can't understand why the owners of those dogs don't leave them at home, if then they are not gonna know what to do with the poor puppies. Is not fair to leave a dog tied to whatever piece of metal you find on the street.