Twin Cities Bicycle Mode Share Bojack Horseman Shout-out

[Princess Carolyn knows her US bike modeshare!] 
From the opening of the season finale episode of Bojack Horseman, Season Five, witness this wonderful bit of metaphor statistics with a local angle.
[Todd] You shut down production? 
[Princess Carolyn]  Just for a couple of days. 
[Todd] What is going on over there?  
[Princess Carolyn]  It's a minor injury issue. A stunt went slightly awry.
[Todd] Again?  
[Princess Carolyn] And one of our stars got a little strangled. 
[Todd] What?  
[Princess Carolyn] Just a little strangled. Like, the minimum amount of strangled. Everyone's fine now. 
It's like it didn't even happen... Except  
[Todd] Except what?  
[Princess Carolyn] Some crew members might have taken some video of the incident that could leak to the press at any moment. 
But that's it! 
[Todd] Okay, I'm pulling the plug. 
[Flip] What?  
[Todd] No! It's too dangerous! We gotta cut our losses. 
[Princess Carolyn] Cut your losses? Philbert is a monster hit! We put your site on the map, boy-o, so don't get squeamish now about sunk cost. 
Face it: You need us like a fish needs a bicycle in Portland, Austin, Boulder, or Minneapolis, Saint Paul!  
[Todd] You are out of order. 
[Princess Carolyn] Fine. Switch Boulder and Austin and move the Twin Cities to the front. Now, can you give me a chance to get everything under control?  
[Henry slams door] Yes! Yes! Yes!  
[Todd sighs] You have one more chance. Do you promise me you can take care of this?  
[Princess Carolyn] I'm clearing my docket. This is my only priority. 
[Todd] Good, because my boss has made it very clear that if we let him down, he will, quote, "eat my ass for dinner.

End scene. Also very impressive that the script used the correct-yet-interchangeable titles for the Twin Cities core!

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