You Can Now Pre-Order my New Coffee Table Book on Amazon!

[The Milwaukee Road depot pre-cupola circumcision.]
I'm pretty excited to announce that you can now pre-order my new book on Amazon.com. It's called Minneapolis/Saint Paul: Then and Now and it's a coffee table book filled with photographs. The book is from Pavilion Books, is 144 pages long, and is chock full of great photographs and historic info.

Technically, it's an update on the previous 1999 edition of the title, authored by Hanje Richards, but I have swapped out at least half the old photographs and put in a bunch of new and improved historic images of the old city.

All the "now" photographs have been updated to the present day by the talented photographer Karl Mondon, who has a great eye for lining up horizons and building facades. For example, when the previous edition was printed, the Saint Paul Cathedral was being restored and its copper dome resurfaced, changing its color from "liberty green" to its present day 1904 brown. There are so many other examples of fascinating then and now images in the book, and I tried to pick the most interesting and high contrast examples. I've also added images from places outside Minneapolis and Saint Paul, including Southdale and South Saint Paul.

And of course, all the surrounding text and the medium-length introduction were written by me and feature an ever-so-slightly-sardonic take on Twin Cities development.

I think you'll enjoy it, and when the book comes out in July, I'll have an official "launch" event somewhere in the Twin Cities (possibly at Hamline University, which is also featured in the book, of course).

Here's the link! It's about $15 on Amazon, which is a super deal.

[Two samples below. There are 144 pages of this in the book!]

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