Dive Bars of South Minneapolis, Expanded and Revised Edition, Now Available!

[1st Ever 2nd Edition!]
I have expanded and revised my booklet about the Dive Bars of South Minneapolis!

Now at a whopping 40 pages, the booklet features updates on the Country Bar, the Howe (formerly the Rail Station), and the Sunrise Inn (with special "5 Steps of Going to the Sunrise" self-help feature).

It's now available for shipping from the Sidewalk Store! And I'll drop some off at Boneshaker Books on Franklin Avenue later today.

It's sad to say so, but dive bars in South Minneapolis are rapidly disappearing and becoming fanci-fied. Their habitat is being eroded by the ever advancing invasive species of foodie culture and craft beer. Former puritanical "lines in the sand", such as the city's lackluster food-to-booze ratios, are fading away. These are hard times for the dive bar.

So be sure to enjoy them while they last! Order yours today and stay up-to-date on all the latest South Minneapolis dive bar old news.

Stay tuned to this page for upcoming booklet info, as another one is set to drop any week now.

[Two pages of the new-and-improved booklet.]

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