Public Character #4: Update on the Parking Lot Tree

Dogged readers of this site might remember Judith, the woman who pruned the tree in the surface parking lot in Lowertown just because she liked it.

Here's what she told me last August, as the trimmed the branches:
I'm just trying to make sure the parking lot is happy, otherwise they'll cut down this tree. This is one of the the last two trees we have. When they re-built the Union Depot we lost about eight trees. Now there are only these two.

Well, a little over a year later, the tree has been chopped down. The parking lot is being developed, at long last, though I can't find an article about the proposal. And while I'm happy to see the death of another Saint Paul surface lot, it's worth pausing and remembering the plants that somehow survived in the asphalt landscape.

R.I.P., parking lot tree.

[The tree today.]

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