"Possible Monument," Sidewalk Photo Book #1, Now On Sale!

[The book cover.]
It's buy stuff season, so I thought I'd finally get around to finishing my first book of photography. It's a collection called "Possible Monument," featuring over one hundred (100) pictures of "signs of the times" that I've taken over the last ten (10) years walking around Saint Paul, Minneapolis, and a dozen other American cities.

The photo book includes a short essay on urban public semiotics and the inter-relationship between the built environment and its people, continually reading and writing the surface of the city.

There are 12 categories of photos, including:
  • Humorous or Ironic Signs
  • Earnest Political Signs
  • Memorial Signs
  • Do-It-Yourself Official Signs
  • Mysterious Signs
  • Signs with Typographical Errors
  • And more!

The book is loosely based on this blogpost, a collection of my over one hundred (100) "signs of the times" posts. I put it together at the encouragement of a few friends and mentors.

I'm not a great photographer but that doesn't matter because these signs are so awesome. It's a great book to look at and explore sidewalks and cities vicariously through my digital camera. All photos have somewhat humorous and/or informative captions.

It's on sale now, just in time for the holiday consumer season! Thanks for considering purchasing this fine item. I am confident you will enjoy it!

[Four of the 30 pages.]

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