Sale on 2' X 3' Saint Paul Flags -- New Low Price!

I have upgraded my store and placed the small size Saint Paul flags on sale! You can now purchase them for the low price of $23.

The Saint Paul flag is a unique historical flag that dates back to 1932, and solidly above-average as city flags go.

Read all about it on my previous posts. For example, the background:
The Mayor’s office does actually have flier on display with some information about the flag. Here’s what they say:
Saint Paul had a flag contest back in 1932 and Gladys Mittle was chosen as the winner of the best design of the Saint Paul flag on November 22, 1932. Her prize for the best design was $150.00. Gladys was an art student at the College of St. Kate’s.

$150.00 back in 1932 would be about $2,400 today, so that’s an OK haul. 

I like this story. Apart from a page in Polish, there is absolutely no information about Gladys Mittle on the internet. I wonder what she was like. I wonder if she lived long enough to see her flag completely forgotten by the city around her. She is Saint Paul’s Betsy Ross!
Or the history of my flag distribution patterns:
Over the past two years, inspired by a friend in the Hamline-Midway neighborhood, I've been organizing flag purchases. They're cheaper if you team up in groups. Since the first order, I've helped about sixty people get their hands on a fine Saint Paul flag. Since then, the yellow, red, and blue flag have been spreading through the city slowly but surely like toe fungus.

Since the "Saint Paul flag campaign" began in 2013, city flags have only grown more popular. Check out Roman Mars' talk about city flags, or the campaign of this guy from Milwaukee to fix the Milwaukee city flag which, along with Minneapolis' juvenile effort, ranks as one of the worst in the Midwest.

I have been distributing Saint Paul flags around the city for a few years now, and they are starting to catch on, especially certain areas of the city. It's exciting to see city pride catch on.

Order yours today at the online store. If you live in Saint Paul, I will deliver your flag by bicycle to your doorstep. (For the rest of you, we'll make arrangements for shipping or pickup.)

Happy flapping!

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