Let it Fly, Let it Fly, Can't Not Have a Saint Paul Flag Any More!

[Let it fly!]
It's the moment you've all been waiting for, the time where we come together in anticipation of more Saint Paul flags flying proudly in the Saint Paul sky.

I know what you're thinking.

"Saint Paul has a flag?"

Yes, yes it does. It's a fine flag. Maybe not the best flag in the world, but better than most city flags. Solidly above average.

Here's a bit of history from my blog post on the flag's history from a few years back:
The Mayor’s office does actually have flier on display with some information about the flag. Here’s what they say:
Saint Paul had a flag contest back in 1932 and Gladys Mittle was chosen as the winner of the best design of the Saint Paul flag on November 22, 1932. Her prize for the best design was $150.00. Gladys was an art student at the College of St. Kate’s.

$150.00 back in 1932 would be about $2,400 today, so that’s an OK haul. 

I like this story. Apart from a page in Polish, there is absolutely no information about Gladys Mittle on the internet. I wonder what she was like. I wonder if she lived long enough to see her flag completely forgotten by the city around her. She is Saint Paul’s Betsy Ross!

[MN Historical Society photo of Mittle with her flag in 1932.]

Over the past two years, inspired by a friend in the Hamline-Midway neighborhood, I've been organizing flag purchases. They're cheaper if you team up in groups. Since the first order, I've helped about sixty people get their hands on a fine Saint Paul flag. Since then, the yellow, red, and blue flag have been spreading through the city slowly but surely like toe fungus.

Since the "Saint Paul flag campaign" began in 2013, city flags have only grown more popular. Check out Roman Mars' talk about city flags, or the campaign of this guy from Milwaukee to fix the Milwaukee city flag which, along with Minneapolis' juvenile effort, ranks as one of the worst in the Midwest.

It's also interesting to see where the flags have caught on in the city. The distribution is clustered around what I call the "flag district," the area centered just south of Hamline-Midway.

Here's the latest map:

[Ward 2 is on the rise!]

The working thesis here is that the more people fly flags the more people fly flags. So why not get one yourself?
Why not get one for a friend?
Why not get two and fly them on both sides of your house?

  • What: a Saint Paul Flag
  • How Much: $52 for a 3' x 5' large flag or $38 for a 2' x 3' small flag
  • When: any time in the next two weeks (or until we hit our minimum order)
  • How: via Paypal simply donate the proper amount adding a note with your address... Or via check, email me a note [blindeke at gmail.com] and send to 148 West George Street #7, St Paul 55107

If you live in Saint Paul, I offer bicycle flag delivery to your address. Otherwise, you'll have to pick it up from me.

Remember, flags fly forever!

Well, that's not quite true. Saint Paul flags fade slowly over time, but like most things in this fine city, they seem to get better with age. Get one of your own and share the Saint Paul.

[Clockwise from top left: Mac-Grove, West Side, Hamline-Midway, West End.]


Eric Saathoff said...

FYI, my flag moved from Ivy Ave on the Eastside to Wells and Greenbrier on the Eastside. I also have a buddy with a flag who just moved to Jessamine and Duluth, but I don't have word yet on whether he's going to put it up on his new house.

Rob said...

I might be in for one if they hadn't added the red banner with the "SAINT PAUL" spelled out.
If ever print any old school versions, I'm in.
The fringes would be a bonus.

Adam Huesman said...
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Adam Huesman said...

I agree with Rob, the flag could use some updating. Apparently you do too, judging by the modified version flying from the ice castle.

Unknown said...

Hey Bill, Great flag. Count me in. Please call me so I can place my order. 651 - 303 - 9256. Bert C.

davet said...

Hey bill - do you know where a flag-bearer can purchase new flag-poles? My old-ones were two-piecers which have started to sag. Its a shame to have rickety old-poles which don't present a proper-image of our saintly-city.


Bill Lindeke said...

I'd just try a good hardware store! Too bad Seven Corners is closed. :)

Tim Garemare said...

I just have to say, this "Saint Paul flag" isn't incredible. You did acknowledge it wasn't the best flag, which I respect (a lot of people who are "interested in flags" just assume whatever flag their city chose is the best one), but saying it's better than the flag of Minneapolis is a bit exaggerated. The St. Paul flag has lettering, seals, three colors, and complicated shapes. The Minneapolis flag is definitely not great either, having complicated shapes. But I think it isn't unreasonable to say that it's better designed than the St. Paul flag.