Introducing a New Way to Support this Blog

That's right. For every order of mozzarella sticks at a Twin Cities Applebee's location, I will be receiving .5 cents of the profit!

So do your part and get down to your local Applebee's today.

Just kidding...

Actually I'm launching a Patreon page for Twin City Sidewalks to help support my work doing writing, blogging, and tours of our urban landscape.

As you might have noticed, I've been writing this blog for a long time. Over 10 years actually, for a grand total of 1,625 posts of varying quality. For example, here are some of "The Best Blog Posts of 2015", or you can check out my "10 Year Bloggaversary Post" for some background on how this blog got started and where I'm at now with it.

The point is, though, that barring that one time I found $100 while walking along Lyndale Avenue, I haven't made any money off of it. And that's fine.A lot of great things have come my way via friends and colleagues that I've met through the blog. Absolutely!

But it's still a challenge to pay the bills, and I could use support from people who enjoy or appreciate what I do here.


Become a Patreon "Patron"

[The page looks like this.]
Following the suggestion of a few of my most trusted friends, I've spent some time setting up a  Patreon account. By becoming one of my "patrons", you make sure that I can keep making this blog.

Here's what I'm promising:

The little bit of money you can spare will make a big difference in my everyday life. And as is the Patreon way, I have added a few little perks for people who become patrons at different levels

at least $5 / month ... Advance notice of every bicycling or walking tour by postcard.

at least $10 / month ... Free copy of every new Tour Guide booklet delivered via postal mail directly after they are written.

at least $20 / month ... One private tour per year of your choosing, for a group of up to 12. These can be custom designed or a repeat of one of the previous tours I have done in the past.

Those are nice, but the real reason to be a Patreon patron is to keep supporting my writing and blogging work here on the site. I'd love to keep doing this forever, and I keep having tons of ideas. You'd think after ten years of blogging about sidewalks, I'd start to run out of sidewalk-related stuff to say.

But no. Such is the beauty of sidewalks.

Thanks for reading this!

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